👋🏼 Hey there! I'm Zi.

Passionate about creating innovative experiences that empower people and their surroundings.
Pursuing new skills in 💻 Software Engineering, 🔍 HCI Research, 🖌 UI/UX Design @Wellesley.
Selected projects
IoT TV App
Unlocking a smart solution to an old problem
TV app design / Prototyping
culture fit
Elevating underrepresented people's voices
Website design / Prototyping
Greenway (coming soon!)
Enhancing inventory control for dispatchers
Android app development
Ubiqomix AR App
Making "invisible" data visible in Augmented Reality
Web AR app development / Research

👩🏻‍💻 ‍My experience

I'm actively seeking a Summer 2021 internship in Software Engineering and Product Management.

Wellesley HCI Lab
HCI Research Assistant
May 2019 — Present
Greenway Appliances
Front-end Engineer
May 2020 - Present
MIT Sloan
Research Assistant
Feb 2019 - Present

☕️ Let's get in touch!

I love learning from new people. Let's grab coffee or boba.
Email me at zqian@wellesley.edu